Monday, February 28, 2011

Dunn Peak Protected Area....

The Fraser River racing..
...British Columbia, back country where the wildlife lives,
hiking and climbing and no 'facilities' here, that what it is;
tell someone where you are going, try not to get lost,
and go in the summer, please don't wait, in winter there's more than frost.

Day trips allowed!  Go and please walk around,
but in one day you won't reach the real higher ground,
there are animals out in these woods,
competition for fish, and some other goods.
The base camp area..

Dunn peaks in winter

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wells Gray Provincial Park 2....

Pyramid Mountain in the lava fields
...British Columbia, another day in the woods,
just checking out mother natures goods,
so much here, a real marvel, see how things are done,
lava flows from years ago, now make for so much fun.

The glaciers masked what volcanoes create,
exploring what's left is just as great;
waterfalls, rivers and lava beds too,
see what has been done to satisfy you.

Spahats Falls

The view from a Green Mountain trail

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wells Gray Provincial Park....

Dawson Falls, Fraser River
...British Columbia,  once a field of volcanoes and lava flows,
then covered by glaciers, now carved by water and windy blows;
this is wild country with wonderful views,
too bad not many people know, this place should make the news.

It's hard to imagine just what lies in store,
waterfalls and freshwater fjords with rocky shore,
the scenery is great, but that water is cold,
it runs from the mountains with glaciers of old.
Murtle Lake

A lucky resident

Helmcken Falls, Fraser River

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park...

Part of the Cariboo Mountains careful now you won't want to fall,
when the Cariboo Mountains give you a call,
there "hills" look wild, rugged and cold,
but maybe you'll climb before you get old.

It's a true wilderness, a sight to behold,
Cariboo, spelling is right, just slightly old;
the scenery is great and I'm not going to climb,
I can see how they look, and I'm sure I'm not blind!

Cariboo Falls, I bet the water is cold

More of the range and river

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prince George....

Prince George from the Fraser River
...British Columbia, we can't stop at a park every day,
but there are some really nice place, out along the way.
this is just one of the friendly cities, and did you notice the trail?
Right up above, top of the river bank, nice walk that can't fail.

Paper mills and ag-business is the way of life here,
and lots of recreation, two hockey teams to cheer.
So if your going to go on a very long ride,
Prince George residents will show you their city with pride.

A park in autumn

Sunrise, photo taken on the edge of town

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gwillim Lake Provincial Park....

Wild enough?
....British Columbia, a very real wildland place,
where mountain climbers, can fashion a race;
there are a lot to choose from, and hike to and see,
I'll take the low land 'til the road runs out, that's for me.

Fishing and hiking, watching the critters go by,
but I'll bet in the spring you would see a black fly..
..or mosquitos, they're here, you just know it,
just look around, so stay home or be prepared to get bit.

Going to the top

From the top looking down

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dawson Creek....

Mile zero, Alaska Highway
....British Columbia, a friendly place where you could smile... you get set to start out for Alaska, mile after mile;
1422 miles will get you to Delta Junction, still pretty far away,
it took the U S Army just one year to make this road you can use today.

This area is a grain growing Capitol, as well as oil and gas,
it keeps folks busy around here, as they, like you, wait for time to pass;
but in early summer you will see, camper city it seems to me,
people get ready to "head on up" to Alaska to see what they can see.

Main Street, Dawson Creek

A nice car show if you have a lucky day

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dunvegan West Wildland Park...

A section with steep river banks
...Alberta, the Peace River crosses the border to British Columbia in this park,
lots of things to see like hoodoos and fossils, or hiking on a lark,
there are walking trails, or climbing up some very steep slopes,
and some places you can go, but you need to know the ropes.

Hoodoos are formations, fairy chimneys, or toadstools of stone,
topped by turf they stick straight up, erosion don't affect the stone,
there are also grassy fields where the Bison roam,
but make sure you want to be here, it's a long way from home.
Hoodoos at Dunvegan

One of the walking trails

The Peace River at Dunvegan

Friday, February 18, 2011

Peace River Wildland Park....

Peace and Smoky Rivers join
...Alberta,  up here in the north country, we find a real delight,
this park is huge, a bit strung out, and quiet at night;
it line both sides of the river, for about a hundred miles,
and the wildlife and scenery will bring a hundred smiles.

It's above the 55th parallel, and a bit chilly at some hours,
but worth the trip to see such a place, before the season sours;
in winter it would be white almost without exception,
other seasons would be best to visit for your recreation.

A peek at early autumn

Peace River Sunset at Fort Vermilion

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grande Prairie....

How it started...
...Alberta, no park today, we have a friendly city here,
we're at the northern edge of large scale farms, with good cheer,
a stop on the way to some parks north and west,
it's a good place to stop, some say the best.

In World War 2, this was the place,
a staging area in the Alaska Highway race,
it was a place were the planes could land,
and unload cargo, give the builders a hand.
Torrens Ridge
Falls on the Kakwa River

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kakwa Provincial Park..... a higher elevation...(click to enlarge)
...British Columbia, the last in the chain...
..of Parks together, and no, it didn't rain;
these Canadian Rocky parks are sure hard to beat,
you should really get to see them, it would be a sure treat.

This is the higher country, made for a hike,
inexperience need no apply, well, maybe on a bike;
the views seem to be fantastic, if you like the "hills",
I bet a week up here would cure a lot of ills.

A little road salt goes a long way, or any salt for that matter (click to read)
A long walk (click to enlarge)

La Glace Lake at sunset (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Willmore Wilderness Park...

...Alberta, this is adjacent to Jasper, which is adjacent to Banff, whew!
If you try to hike this part, and you are inexperienced, you bit off more than you can chew.
For the beauty that will surround you, it's really worth the trip,
you don't hike and get lost, that is really not hip.

Mountains and lakes seem to go on forever, in this patch of the world right here,
so much to see and so much to do, but in the end you'll cheer.
If you ever get the chance, these may be places you should see,
or you can see them all on line, and see them just like me.

Those are dinosaur tracks from long ago, this part was a lake bed, and mud at one time.

Cathedral Mountain

Ptarmigan Lake

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jasper National Park.....

Athabasca Falls

Mount Athabasca
...Alberta.  This is an extension of the Banff Park,
there are four all together, could have done the map in the dark;
although I imagine that land was added on,
and with each new addition, a new park was born.

The scenery is fantastic, as we've seen before,
but don't let that stop you from going out your door;
the mountains, lakes and rivers, nature at its best,
and I suggest in the winter, that you be warmly dressed.
...winters on the way..

Spirit Island on Lake Maligne

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Banff National Park 2....

Lake Minnewanka
...Alberta, we couldn't leave here with just one day, was decided to extend the stay;
so much to see, and so much to share,
oh, gee, watch out!  Did you see that bear.

So many mountains and so many lakes,
if we had a film camera we'd use all our 'takes',
there is snow on those mountains all of the year,
you can visit in winter, you'd better be a good skier.

The Banff Springs Hotel

or, you could stay in a lodge

but, I say, just look around

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Banff National Park....

A first look
...Alberta, what a great place, none like it on earth,
a huge expanse of land saved, for what it is worth;
the views are fantastic, almost beyond compare,
throw in Lake Louise, and the cool mountain air.

There are few place, some that we've seen,
that compare to Banff, they're few and far in between;
we can be thankful that enough people cared,
to save this great park, so that it can be shared.
Mount Rundle and Vermilion Lake
Mount Victoria and Lake Louise

..just passing through, some people see the park by train..